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1Z0-493 exam – Exam candidates who score a passing grade on the Oracle Communications Order and Service Management Server 7
Implementation Essentials (1Z0-493) exam will be recognized as Oracle Communications Order and Service Management Server 7 Certified
Implementation Specialists. This certification qualifies as competency criteria for the Oracle Communications Order and Service Management
Server 7 Specialization. Follow the link to find more information about exam.

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Free Oracle 1Z0-493 Exam Practice Questions

Identify two functions of the OSM Order Management Web client.
A. It displays an order\\’s orchestration plan, including its associated dependencies, orchestration stages, order
components, order items, and processes.
B. It enables users to create, copy, and amend orders.
C. It enables users to manage notifications, thereby generating reports about an order fallout.
D. It is intended for solution developers to handle orders and view relationships between different order items.
E. It allows users to add new stages of decomposition and dependencies to an orchestration plan.
Correct Answer: AE


Which three statements are true about the Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery (RODOD) solution?
A. OSM in the Central Order Management role is responsible for customer order mapping, decomposition, and
B. OSM manages the order fulfillment life cycle by providing complete lifecycle visibility and regular status updates to
the CRM system.
C. New commercial offerings can eventually be introduced with zero configuration in OSM.
D. Central Order Management is the multi-channel order capture and consumer support system.
E. Central Order Management interfaces with the Element Management and Network Management systems.
Correct Answer: ACD


Which statement is true about the System Events feature in the OSM Administrator application?
A. It is a placeholder to display and manage notifications about Oracle WebLogic Server performance at regular
B. It is a placeholder to display and manage notifications about OSM Database performance at regular intervals.
C. It is a placeholder to display the list of orders in which exceptions are noted during processing of rules.
D. It is a placeholder to display and manage notifications about OSM Server performance at regular intervals.
E. It is a placeholder to display the list of cartridges that failed during deployment to the OSM Server.
Correct Answer: C


Why would you create a new composite cartridge?
A. to assemble a solution in OSM from a complete collection of all composite cartridges
B. to create multiple solutions in OSM for all composite cartridges
C. to assemble a single solution in OSM from a collection of component cartridges
D. to create a solution that always includes all the component cartridges present in the workspace
E. Because the composite cartridge feature is not included in OSM. It includes only compound or classic cartridges.
Correct Answer: C


The following function is called in an XQuery automation plug-in before performing a logic that you have developed.
Identify the functional action that would be executed with the output of this code.lead4pass 1z0-493 exam question q5

A. Authenticate with a southbound interface.
B. Receive responses from a JMS queue.
C. Publish messages to a JMS queue.
D. Communicate with another running order in the same OSM instance.
E. Check the users that are running tasks in the current order.
Correct Answer: D

You are configuring WebLogic resources for an instance of OSM that connects to a billing application that is deployed in
another WebLogic domain and that receives new messages in its local JMS queue. Which two statements are true
about a possible procedure to connect OSM to this billing application?
A. You can create and use Store and Forward (SAF) resources to connect the OSM and billing queues.
B. You can configure the properties of the automation plug-in in OSM that allows connection to remote queues.
C. OSM local queues do not need any special configuration to be connected to remote queues.
D. OSM and the billing application must be deployed on the same WebLogic Server, so that OSM can write directly in
the billing application queue.
E. OSM offers a productized Python script that recovers messages from the OSM local queue and inserts them in the
billing application queue.
Correct Answer: BD


You configure an External Event Receiver XQuery Automator with the following incomplete lines of code in your
automated task. To complete this implementation, you must substitute the value assigned to the $requestStr variable
with another appropriate value. What could be the possible value for this variable?lead4pass 1z0-493 exam question q7

A. a request to update order data
B. the request that was sent to an activation system
C. the response received from an automation system
D. the data associated with this task
E. the request that will be sent to an activation system
Correct Answer: B

Due to internal errors in a downstream system, one of the automated tasks is receiving an error response to a request
sent from OSM. Considering that the error is an issue that could be resolved by simply retrying the request, identify the
functionality you would use to recover from this fallout scenario.
A. Order Change Management
B. Notifications
C. Jeopardy
D. automation framework transaction rollback
E. follow-on order
Correct Answer: D


What are three benefits of installing OSM in a highly available configuration?
A. better flexibility for support and maintenance of servers without shutdown time
B. higher probability of failover recovery without service down time
C. order expected completion date set to an earlier date to higher process capabilities
D. workload distribution among nodes in a WebLogic Cluster
E. more flexibility in configuring security through the distinct Oracle WebLogic Servers
Correct Answer: BDE


Your CRM system has an order that includes new broadband service order items to be provisioned and existing mobile
service order items to be terminated in the network. Before sending this order for fulfillment, the customer requirements
specify that the CRM system should send the same order items to the Order Management System to check whether it is
feasible to fulfill the need.
Which entity in OSM would you use to differentiate between the orchestration plans that should be executed for each of
these two (fulfill and check) orders?
A. Order Recognition Rules
B. Order Component Specifications
C. Fulfillment Modes
D. Order item action code property
E. Orchestration Sequences
Correct Answer: B


Which two systems are included with OSM within the Rapid Service Design and Order Delivery (RSDOD) solution?
A. CRM system
B. trouble ticket system
C. network discovery system
D. activation system
E. services inventory system
Correct Answer: AB


A communications service provider has a solution modeled inside OSM sealed cartridges, which are part of a composite
solution. What three enhancements can be implemented without unsealing the existing cartridges?
A. defining new fulfillment providers for new provisioning systems to decompose order items by target system
B. configuring new fulfillment dependency between two existing products
C. adding a new orchestration stage to the existing orchestration sequence to decompose order items by region
D. including new properties to the order item specification, so that the new property can be used during orchestration
plan definition
E. using the existing granularity orchestration stage and changing the granularity for a billing function, so that products
are billed as soon as they are provisioned.
Correct Answer: CDE


You are designing a new fulfillment process for VPN sites for a communications service provider that wants to select
manually if the supply chain activity should be executed or not. Considering that your implementation includes a manual
task, which two options can you use to fulfill your client\\’s request?
A. defining multiple statuses in the manual task
B. designing different flow branches from the manual task
C. adding an automator to the manual task
D. adding a rule to the manual task
E. assigning multiple roles to the manual task
Correct Answer: BD

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