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The Clinton Howe Weights and Measures Company wants to send CDRs to a syslog server. Which two options are required? (Choose two.)
A. The CDR collection must be enabled from the CLI.
B. The syslog server IP address must be configured using the logging command.
C. The CDRs must be sent to the syslog server using the gw-accounting syslog command.
D. The logging file must be initialized using the logging buffered command.
Answer: BC

Refer to the exhibit. Where would a Cisco 642-144 dumps Unity Express Network Module physically reside?
A. PC at headquarters
B. PC at the remote office
C. voice-enabled router at headquarters
D. Cisco Unified CallManager publisher at headquarters
E. Cisco Unified CallManager subscriber at headquarters
F. Cisco Unified CallManager Express router at the remote office
Answer: F

Refer to the exhibit. The Hamilton Hair Emporium was having difficulty hearing during conference calls. This configuration adjustment was made, and now the 642-144 pdf company is experiencing sound distortion. What is the cause?
A. The gain functionality applies to outbound audio packets. Distortion is created when an external participant causes echo.
B. The distortion is unrelated to the gain functionality. Rather, it is a result of the company trying to maintain too many conference calls at one time.
C. This functionality cannot discriminate between a local VoIP source that requires volume gain and a CO-powered PSTN source that does not require volume gain.
D. This functionality cannot discriminate between a remote VoIP or Foreign Exchange Office source that requires volume gain, and a remote VoIP or IP phone that does not require volume gain.
Answer: D

The network administrator at Silver Ball GeneralCom has downloaded the cme-gui-xxx.xx.tar file (“xxx.xx” represents the version number of the file) for Cisco 642-144 vce Unified CallManager Express. Which file will be extracted?
A. xml.template
B. normal_user.js
C. music-on-hold.au
D. ATA030100SCCP040211A.zip
Answer: B

The Abigail Braintree Foundation is a medium-size, not-for-profit literacy group that wants to implement centralized call processing. The group will implement a hub-and-spoke topology, with all of the remote branches utilizing Cisco Unified CallManager Express connected to the central site using Cisco Unified CallManager via an IP WAN. The remote branch will be limited to 150 IP phones so the local gateway can provide SRST feature through Cisco CallManager Express. Each time a remote branch phone places a call, the 642-144 exam control traffic traverses the IP WAN (even if the call is local to the branch) to reach the Cisco Unified CallManager at the central site. All the control traffic is exchanged between a Cisco Unified CallManager at the central site and endpoints or gateways at the remote branches.
Which two signaling protocols can traverse the IP WAN in this deployment model? (Choose two.)
C. H.323
D. H.450.1
E. H.450.2
Answer: AC

Which two of the following must be configured to allow users to blind transfer calls to both internal and PSTN numbers using H.450.2 supplementary services? (Choose two.)
A. transfer-pattern .T
B. transfer-system full-blind
C. supplemental service h.450.2
D. allow-connections h323 to h323
Answer: AB

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