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Which three of these items are IPv6 transition mechanisms? (Choose three.)
D.automatic 4to6 relay tunnels
E.dual stack configurations
F.manually configured overlay tunnels
Correct:C E F

Refer to the exhibit. You are migrating a network from IGRP to OSPF. What must you do to ensure that 642-055 connectivity and reachability of all networks is maintained between routing protocols when OSPF has the longer subnet mask?
A.Use the default metric of 1.
B.This scenario should not present any reachability problems if the autonomous systems are the same.
C.Add multiple static routes in the gateway router pointing to the OSPF network.
D.Add a static route in the gateway router for pointing to null0.

Refer to the exhibit. Which two configuration changes will result in 642-055 Router_A peering with neighbor Router_B using address (Choose two.)
A.Use the no synchronization command to allow the neighbor relationship to be established without an IGP route.
B.Use the neighbor ebgp-multihop command to override the one-hop EBGP limit.
C.Use a route reflector to allow the routes to be propagated correctly.
D.Use the neighbor next-hop-self command to allow the routers to peer using their loopback addresses instead of their directly connected addresses.
E.Use a confederation to make Router_A and Router_B appear to be IBGP neighbors.
F.Configure Router_A and Router_B in the same AS.
Correct:B F

Which of these tools should you use to 642-055 compress VoIP packets on a low-speed Frame Relay circuit?
A.RTP header compression
B.TCP header compression
C.FRF.9 payload compression
D.Predictor payload compression
E.Cisco proprietary payload compression

Referring to the debug output shown below, which one of the statements is correct?
A.FE80::260:3EFF:FE47:1530 is the site-local address of R1.
B.2001:DB8:C18:1::D0C is a link-local address.
C.The last ICMP message received is a router advertisement message.
D.The type 129 ICMP echo reply message indicates an MTU error.
E.The type 129 message is an ICMP redirect message.

You are working with a client to deploy QoS on their Frame Relay WAN. They would like to be able to allow packets to cross the Frame Relay WAN but have them marked as discard eligible if they exceed the QoS policy. How would you accomplish this task?
A.Configure a service policy that sets the DE bit and apply it to the serial interface connected to the Frame Relay WAN.
B.Configure a policy map that has a burst-max action of setting the DE bit if the policy is exceeded.
C.Configure a class map that sets the DE bit so that the policy map can correctly apply a violate-action if the policy is exceeded.
D.Configure a policy map that has a violate-action to change the DE bit from 0 to 1.

Refer to the exhibit. You are troubleshooting a high availability network that 642-055 is having longer-than-acceptable failover times. What command will have the most significant impact in this problem?
A.pim query-interval 1 sec
B.ip pim query-interval 100 msec
C.ip query pim-interval 10 msec
D.pim query-interval 100 msec

Your customer wants to build a network for a financial trading floor that 642-055 has a requirement for multiple high-value transactions, which are also vital to the customer. What are the two most critical requirements? (Choose two.)
A.no single point of failure
B.trading database server location
C.redundant application servers location
D.deterministic response to all failures
E.determine which protocol to use
Correct:A D

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