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Refer to the exhibit. Your customer has the network shown and is seeing greater demand for videoconferencing. You recommend an IP multicast solution. What are two benefits of the customer implementing IP multicasting? (Choose two.)
A.eliminates traffic redundancy
B.enables multipoint applications
C.guarantees delivery of all packets because it uses TCP/IP
D.eliminates the need for QoS and reduces network utilization
E.reduces network routing updates because it is concerned about the packet destination
Correct:A B

Your customer is relocating its data center to a new building. The new data center is two miles from the existing data center. The customer’s scheduled maintenance window is too short to accommodate a flash cut, so it plans on 642-054 relocating 25 percent of the servers on separate weekends. The customer does not wish to change the IP addresses of the servers and is trying to find a way to bridge its subnets between the two data centers during the migration period. Which Cisco product may be able to accomplish this?
A.SFS 3000
B.Aironet 1120
C.Aironet 1400
D.Cisco IP Transfer Point

Refer to the exhibit. Which would be a benefit of designing the OSPF network as shown?
A.Routes can be redistributed within the individual areas.
B.The backbone area does not need any internal routers.
C.Route summarization is enabled by default in this type of configuration.
D.Route summarization configuration at the ABRs is greatly simplified.

Given a Cisco 642-054 Catalyst 4500 Series Switch with redundant supervisors, what feature allows phone calls to remain up in the event of a supervisor failure?

In a Cisco 642-054 Catalyst 6500-E Series chassis, why is a special type of fan used?
A.Nonredundant power mode generates less heat, and consequently a slower fan speed can be used.
B.It provides additional cooling, which is required by new line cards that generate more heat due to increased power consumption.
C.A dual-speed fan is required to support the redundant and nonredundant power-mode features of the Catalyst 6500-E Series.
D.A larger fan is required to provide increased airflow because the Catalyst 6500-E Series has a smaller form factor; there isn’t more heat, there is less room.

What are three important characteristics of the Cisco 642-054 Catalyst 2960G-24TC switch? (Choose three.)
A.Each Ethernet 10/100/1000 port supports up to six priority queues each with two drop thresholds.
B.does not support 802.3af PoE
C.uses the GBIC/SFP form factor for dual-purpose ports
D.provides a maximum forwarding bandwidth of 32 Gbps
E.contains 24 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports and 2 dual-purpose slot
Correct:B C D

Your retail customer has 330 branch locations that it wishes to connect via Frame Relay. At the headquarters location there will be two DS-3 Frame Relay circuits, each connected to an ISR 3845 router. Each 642-054 branch location will have a fractional T1 with a 128-kbps CIR and a PVC mapped to each of the DS-3 circuits. Which two considerations must be addressed for this design? (Choose two.)
A.The MTU for the Frame Relay circuits should be set to 4470 to allow the LMI message to include all 330 DLCIs.
B.Additional routers and circuits should be installed at headquarters so that no more than 200 branchlocations are mapped to each ISR due to IDB limitations.
C.The customer should not run OSPF. Since all branches are connected to the same circuit at headquarters they must be in the same OSPF area, and the number of branches exceeds the design recommendations for routers in an OSPF area.
D.Frame Relay traffic shaping should be implemented to prevent congestion in the Frame Relay switch.
E.The CIRs should be reduced so the DS-3 circuits are not oversubscribed.
Correct:A D

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