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Which two advanced WLAN options are required when deploying central web authentication with Cisco ISE? (Choose
A. P2P Blocking Action set to Drop.
D. DHCP Addr. Assignment disabled.
E. Allow AAA override enabled.
Correct Answer: BE
Fromlead4pass 400-351 exam question q1

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 400-351 exam question q2

Which two statements are true based upon the output in the exhibit? (Choose two.)
A. Operation will be effective only if the video profile on the WLC is mapped to the 802.1p protocol with a tagged value
of 5.
B. It is recommended to configure IP multicast on the WLC in multicast-multicast mode.
C. CAC must be enabled to avoid channel oversubscription and guarantee the configured media bandwidth.
D. In case of a violation after an RRC re-evaluation, the stream is demoted to the best- effort class.
Correct Answer: B

Which action is needed to edit the settings of an RF profile?
A. Disable both radio networks
B. Disable custom power level settings for all APs within the group to which the profile is linked.
C. Remove the desired RF profile from all AP groups
D. RF profiles cannot be edited. They must be removed and recreated with the desired values.
Correct Answer: C

RX-SOP is configured for SGHz radio with value set as “High Threshold”. Which two clients will associate to the AP?
(Choose Two)
A. client with RSSI-75 dBm
B. client with RSSI-79d8m
C. client with RSSI-77dBm
D. client with RSSI-73dBm
Correct Answer: AD

What two statements are true with regards to the UNII brands? (Choose two)
A. All channels in the UNII-2 band require DFS and TPC
B. The UNII-3 band provides channel that ate spaced 20 MHz apart
C. The channels in UNII-3 band require DFS and TPC
D. The UNII-1band provides 4 non-overlapping channels
E. Different channels within the UNII-1band have different restrictions including transmit power antenna gain antenna
style usage
Correct Answer: AD

Which three options are valid AP modes for lightweight APS in the WLC 7.0.116 release? (Choose three.)
A. SE-Connect
E. Rogue Detector
F. Sniffer
Correct Answer: AEF

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about the Cisco WCS RRM event message is true?lead4pass 400-351 exam question q7

A. Excessive non-802.11 interference caused the channel change.
B. An event-driven RRM caused the channel change.
C. A CleanAir AP detected a persistence interferer and forced an RRM channel reassignment.
D. Two adjacent APs on the same channel caused a signal collision.
Correct Answer: A

Which option describes the function of the Intercloud Fabric Extender?
A. It provides the network overlay functionality between the used clouds or cloud models.
B. It establishes a secure site-to-site tunnel to the intercloud fabric agent in the private cloud.
C. It applies network policies and collects and reports VEM-related intercloud statistics.
D. It establishes a secure site-to-site tunnel to the intercloud fabric switch in the provider cloud.
Correct Answer: D
From: fabric/cisco-intercloud-fabric-
oud_Fabric_Getting_Started_Guide_Release_2_3_1_chapter_00.pdf Cisco Inter cloud Fabric Architectural Overview –
Ciscolead4pass 400-351 exam question q8 lead4pass 400-351 exam question q8-1 lead4pass 400-351 exam question q8-2 ntercloud_Fabric_2.html
Cisco Intercloud Fabric Secure Extension All data in motion is cryptographically isolated and encrypted within the Cisco
Intercloud Fabric Secure Extender. This data includes traffic exchanged between the private and public clouds (site to
site) and the virtual machines running in the cloud (VM to VM). A Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) tunnel is
created between these endpoints to more securely transmit this data. DTLS is a User Datagram Protocol (UDP)-based
highly secure transmission protocol. The Cisco Intercloud Fabric Extender always initiates the creation of a DTLS
tunnel. The encryption algorithm used is configurable, and different encryption strengths can be used depending on the
level of security desired. The encryption algorithm used is configurable, and different encryption strengths can be used
depending on the level of security desired.
Which enhancement was introduced in 802.11ac Wave 2 and was not present in 802.lln?
A. 64 QAM
B. 128 QAM
D. 40MHz channel width
E. four spatial streams

There are 5 switches in the network use VTPv3, SW1 and SW2 configured as Server mode. SW1 is the primary server
with revision 50. When add a new SW6 with Revision 200, what will happen?
A. Switch3 updates its own database with the VLAN information received from SW2
B. VTPv3 configure own database with the VLAN information received from SW1
C. Switch6 updates its own database with the VLAN information received from SW1
D. No switch will work
Correct Answer: C

During the Cisco 5760 WLC high availability active and standby process (elected or re- elected) which factor can
determine which Cisco 5760 WLC become active?
A. The cisco 5760 WLC the highest stack member priority value
B. the cisco 5760 WLC the highest IP address
C. the cisco 5760 WLC the lowest stack member priority value.
D. the cisco 5760 WLC the highest Mac address
Correct Answer: A

Which mechanism incorporates the channel capacity into the CAC determination And gives a much more accurate
assessment of the current Call-carrying capacity of the AP ?
A. Expedited bandwidth
B. Admission control
C. Reserved roaming bandwidth(%)
D. Load-based AC
E. Max RF bandwidth(%)
F. Metrics collection
Correct Answer: D

Which three statements about 802.11ac are true? (choose three)
A. MU-MIMO is supported in wave 1
B. MU-MIMO allows one AP to transmit unique data to multiple stations simultaneously
C. when using MU-MIMI up to 8 devices can transmit data at the same time
D. 802.11 a/b/g/n device are able to connect to 802.11ac radios
E. it IS possible to reach 160 MHz by combining two discontinuous 80 MHz channel block
F. 802.11 ac is supported in the 2.4- and 5-Ghz radio band
Correct Answer: BDE

which two types of interface events are common for cleanAir?(choose two)
A. Microwave interference
B. Co-channel interference
C. Spontaneous interference
D. Persistent mterference
Correct Answer: CD

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